golf simulators versus driving range

Golfing simulators have come a long way in the last ten years or so. No longer just a game, the latest HD state of the art technology allows players not only to improve their skills but compete on some of the most famous courses in the world. One area where it really comes in useful is developing the skills you need to drive off the tee and onto the green.

Practicing Specific Skills

Want to practice a fade? Need to improve your driving distance? Want to be more accurate whether you’re on a Par 3 or a Par 5? The latest Smart Golf simulator technology is superb at helping golfers of all ages to develop the specific skills that help move their game forward. It’s for young, old, professional and ardent amateur. In glorious HD and with responsive and highly accurate software, you could almost believe that you are on the driving range when you step up to the tee with the new range of Smart Golf simulators.

Teaching with Feedback

With the availability of video monitoring you can get immediate feedback on how your swing looks and what you need to do to improve it. If you are a golf coach, you can give your students a lessonon the virtual driving range and teach them how to hit the ball better before taking them out onto the greens. Feedback is pretty immediate which means that you can fit a lot of coaching into one lesson, making valuable use of your time and ensuring that the golfers under your charge will go away with a better drive than they could ever imagine.

Training for All Weathers

As with all outdoor sports, the weather can make a difference. Wind, rain, and even snow can all affect performance. Driving ranges in the rain are not much fun but you can always go indoors if conditions are too bad. With state of the art HD digital screens and the best golfing software on the planet, you can still learn the skills you need with Smart Golf. It’s often much better to learn about how to swing a driver better when you don’t have the distractions of bad weather to contend with.

Fun at the Driving Range

It’s not all learning on the driving range. Clubs and events can use the digital driving range to hold competitions that bring people in. See who can make the longest drive or who can cope with the most challenging courses in the world. Driving can be fun when you use it to entertain your customers, visitors or event attendees.

There’s a lot to be said for golf simulators if you want to be better at driving that ball over greater distances. You get all the excitement of a driving range and can even change where you are playing. It’s much better to practice driving on a world class golf course than on a normal range. Not only that, it’s a better tool for improving your performance, check your form and get some close up coaching that really makes a difference.