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Welcome to the real world of interactive golf simulation. With Smart Golf you can play 18 holes of golf on famous courses from around the world or compete in Long Drive, Closest the Pin, Match Play, Skins and more than 16 other contests and competitions against other golfers. A target based driving range, plus a chipping and putting area also allow you to focus on specific situations and distances that require practice and work. Your Smart Golf player profile keeps track of critical shot data including ball speed, shot direction, launch angle, spin rates and scores.


  • Industry-Leading Ball Flight & Tracking Accuracy
  • Video Playback With Frame by Frame Analysis
  • Comprehensive Practice and Course Options
  • Custom Installations (Residential and Commercial)
  • Easy-to-Use Software Interface Console
  • Most Competitive Pricing for High-End Simulator Packages
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SmartGolf has 87 World Class Courses

Choose from the world’s largest library of courses for your golf simulator.






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Our SwingTrack™ technology provides an unrivalled degree of reliability and accuracy in swing analysis, Live HD Playback and HD Video Capture.

High-Speed HD Video Capture

The SwingTrack™ Video system captures your swing using an ultra high-speed, Full HD Camera giving you unprecedented visual feedback of each shot. Get instant, real-time ball flight and club data that you can use to improve your game with each swing. The SwingTrack™ Video system is designed to work seamlessly with both our SwingTrack™ Flight and SwingTrack™ Club Cameras. This results in unparalleled levels of detail, accuracy and reliability.

Precision Training Tool

The SwingTrack™ Video system is mounted in front of you to capture the full motion of the swing. After your swing, use the integrated SwingTrack™ Studio software to view, mark up and analyse your swing. High speed video capture allows you to view your swing frame-by-frame to identify even the smallest flaws.


Total Control at Your Fingertips

View all of your swing, ball flight and clubhead data on one easy to navigate display. SwingTrack™ Studio gives you a complete set of tools to accurately analyse each swing for the ultimate training experience.


Detailed Shot Feedback

  • Live HD Video Playback
  • Frame-by-Frame Analysis
  • Club Head Speed Capture
  • Club Face Tracking
  • Club Path Tracer
  • Integrated Drawings Tools
  • Live Club Head Video Analysis
  • Save, Download and Review Previous Swings

Combine Three Powerful Technologies with an Easy to Use Interface

The on-screen interface instantly presents a comprehensive overview of all the relevant shot data, swing after swing and allows you to get back to your game as quickly as possible.

Commercial Facilities

For commercial facilities we have developed card-swipe and bill-operated systems that will track customer playing time as well as provide management with a unique reporting feature. Now you’ll know how often the games are being played and at what times they are being played, in order to optimize your revenue and schedule your staffing requirements effectively.


The Smart Golf simulator also doubles as a multimedia theatre system, so you can watch movies, play DVDs, operate game consoles, listen to MP3s or play any of our multi-sports and entertainment titles.

No other simulator on the market offers you this much excitement!

Options & Accessories

In addition to the standard golf simulator features, the Smart Golf simulator is compatible with add-in features that will enhance your experience:

Video Swing Analysis – compare yourself to the pros

Multi-Surface Golf Mat – simulates fairway, rough and sand surfaces

Golf Report Card – track your swing over time with this invaluable shot-tracking function

Swing and Club Head Analysis’ State of the art post shot swing analyser allows you to instantly see the spin, launch angle, club head speed, direction, club face angle and club path angle. This feedback will allow you to identify exactly what is happening with your ball striking.

Technical Characteristics

  • 3D graphics
  • Fly with the ball
  • Real time rendering
  • HD Resolution
  • Weather conditions
  • Fast loading times
  • Right hand play
  • Left hand play
  • 87 famous golf courses

Game Options

  • Multi language
  • Save game
  • Nearest the pin contests
  • Longest drive contests
  • Online tournaments
  • Multi-sports software


  • Club swing analysis
  • Ball flight analysis
  • Club and ball fitting

Equipment Add-Ons

  • Video swing analysis
  • Swing analysis