Eight Sports in One System

Whether you’re adding some major league punch to your business or looking for a way to take your event to the next level, Sports Simulation System’s mind-blowing interactive sports simulations are so real that people won’t believe their eyes and you won’t believe your bottom-line.

With a range and variety of structures including Compact, Compact with Extension, MAX and the new FastPipe, Sports Simulation gives you the flexibility and portability to bring the Sports experiences to a corporate, promotional or any other special event.

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Taking branding to an unprecedented level of integration and experience, we can add your brand identity or the identity of any sponsors to life both inside and outside the play areas. Add dynamic in-game logos and multi media messaging and custom exterior graphics to the simulation experience itself, play multi-media messages on the eye-catching game screen and bring to life an entire brand theme around the game area.

An unmatched visitor experience for any public venue, sports simulation simulator creates an unbeatable mix of sport, education and excitement that will keep customers coming back for more. For your business you have more direct revenue, marketing and sponsor opportunities than any other standalone golf simulator and single-sport simulator on the market today. “Simply put – With Multi-Sports simulation you get more for less.”

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