Smart Golf simulator

For clubs that want to give better value to their members, introducing a golf simulator can help improve individual performances and develop important new skills. Technology has come a long way in the last decade or so and the latest hi-tech simulators are almost as good as being out there on the greens.

You can either use Smart Golf to coach individuals or groups of golfers. It can even be used as an interactive game for competitions, giving members virtual access to some of the best golf courses around the world where they can try their luck.

One to One Coaching

Trying to teach someone out on the greens can be difficult, particularly if you want to practice a particular skill such as putting. Repetition and muscle memory are key to developing the attributes that deliver a good chip shot or drive. With the Smart Golf simulator, you can get more practice in during a shorter period of time, focus on one particular skill and repeat it over and over again to improve performance. That newly acquired skill can then be taken out into the real world, giving golfers more confidence in their ability to perform.

Group Coaching

Smart Golf is also a great way for clubs to engage with members and provide group coaching. It can be an excellent social occasion as well as providing golfers with excellent new hints and tips from a qualified coach. You can not only teach particular skills but record golfing students to provide detail shot feedback on video. For kids it’s also a great way to get them involved and interested in golf before they head out onto the greens for the first time.

Detailed Shot Feedback

The great thing about Smart Golf is the feedback it provides. Not only does it feel like hitting a real golf ball, you can monitor a player’s form and get them to watch it back and provide detailed pointers on how they can improve. This works much quicker than when you are out on the greens because you can repeat and review as much as you like in a short space of time.

It’s a Precision Training Tool

All this means that Smart Golf is a precision training tool that benefits amateurs who are interested in improving their game as well as more gifted golfers who want to perform better in competitions.

The All Weather Training Tool

The vagaries of the English weather mean it’s not always possible to get out on the greens. Smart Golf is an indoor tool so can always be used whatever the weather or time of day. Players also have the choice of trying their luck on 87 of the world’s most famous courses including Wentworth, The Belfry and Castle Pines.

Smart Golf doesn’t need to be used as simply a training tool. You can have competitions to attract business in during the evenings and individuals can even compete with others online. The system comes with the ability to change course conditions and if you don’t fancy playing golf but want to watch the latest Masters or Open, then it can be used as an ordinary TV with HD resolution. Simply put, Smart Golf is one of the best systems on the market today and can bring huge benefits to any golf club.

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