SmartGolf is a family run, UK based company that has been established for over 20 years.

SmartGolf History

In 1993 our entrepreneurial MD, Allan, was looking for a new project. He had his feelers out throughout Europe and the USA and at the time there were two offerings that were tingling his inner cash register – coffee shops and golf simulators. As an avid golfer and a committed tea (not coffee) drinker, he decided to play to his strengths and opt for the simulators.

Having looked at the limited number of first generation systems on the market, Allan could tell straight away that a new infrared plain detection system – rather than the first generation sims already in existence – was required to take the product to the next level and provide much more accurate game play and feedback.  Allan launched his Smart Golf system into the UK and European markets and saw the business flourish, ultimately leading to the introduction of a three track detection system that was considered groundbreaking in terms of the technology available at the time.

These new systems were installed in the homes of professional sports people, celebrities and high net worth individuals across the UK and Europe. They were also very successful when placed in commercial settings such as Centre Parcs and P&O cruises.



SmartGolf Today

Fast forward to the present day and the Simulator market is a very different animal. There are lots of different systems available at prices to suit almost every pocket and the market has become quite saturated.

That’s why SmartGolf decided to look for the 21st century version of their ‘three track system’ and believe they have found it in what is undoubtedly the most innovative, hi-tech version of Golf Simulator software currently available – SwingTrack™ and The Multi-Sports packages. These systems are the perfect golf simulation option for entertainment, academy, club fitting and competition play.

Our small, dedicated team of sales, support and installation experts are beyond excited about the new innovations and game-play made possible by this cutting edge software system.

Allan and the other members of his team, who are very accomplished golfers, are blown away by the level of golfing detail this console can generate. Everyone else in the team, (basically, the non-golfers amongst us!) just love a penalty shoot out or a dunk the hoop competition and our friends and families can’t get enough of the zombie dodgeball and carnival games. It really is a package to suit every age group and gender.

As well as permanent structures for domestic and business use we also have mobile systems suitable to hire for virtually any entertainment scenario you can think of.

Don’t just take our word for it though, get in touch and we’ll talk you through any of our systems and what we can offer to best suit your needs. We can also direct you to some of our most recent installations where you can try the systems for yourself.