Golf and sports simulator

There are thousands of people across the UK who are currently playing and enjoying our state of the art golf simulator. It allows club players and members to practice their swings, play holes on some of the most famous courses in the world and enjoy a gaming experience that is second to none. Of course, it’s not just golfing clubs that are having fun with the Smart Golf Simulator. Pubs, homes and other sporting clubs are getting the bug. Not to mention the businesses who are using it for their corporate events.

That’s because this is not just a standard golf simulator that can help and encourage players of all levels to improve their game. It’s a multimedia theatre system that can do so much more, including playing other sports and even watching TV.

Play Golf

Of course, the key to our golf simulator is being able to play the sport indoors. You can undertake specific training sessions to help improve golfing swings and skills like chipping and driving. Players can also compete against each other on world class courses and control game options such as the wind speed and hole positions on greens. It’s great for golf coaches who want to work on specific skills with their clients using video feedback and HD visuals.

Play Other Sports

It’s not just golf you can play on our state of the art simulator. We have a number of sporting programmes that can provide hours of fun including rugby, shooting and football. It’s a great tool if you want to bring sports simulation to your next corporate or promotional event. You also can add your own brand into the mix and attract more customers to your event.

Play Games

And if you don’t particularly want a sports focus, this multimedia theatre system can also handle all sorts of games that are designed for fun. Games like Zombie Dodge Ball and Carnival are perfect for the huge screen and brilliant for any corporate event or business marketing initiative. Run a competition amongst your customers and take engagement to a whole new level. It’s the ideal corporate or business entertainment system that works for young and old alike.

Watch TV and Movies

You can even use the multimedia theatre system to show films and TV. If a major sporting event is taking place then you show it to your customers on the large HD screen, something that has that certain wow factor everyone will love.

Whether you decide to hire or buy, the golf simulator is not simply a one trick pony. If your customers like golf, then you can hold driving competitions; if they love football then have a penalty shootout. Have a basketball hoop shooting contest or find out who can hit the hardest hockey shot. Our multimedia golf simulator is great for parties and celebrations, corporate events, trade shows and conventions, launching a product and a whole host of other engagements.

What it brings is the flexibility you’re looking for and a great visual and gaming experience that is second to none. Golf Simulator is easy to install and simple to use, available for both residential and commercial customers and comes with some competitively priced packages that suits a wide range of budgets and needs.